With Dada Chen at NYAFF 2013

With Dada Chen at NYAFF 2013
With Dada Chen at NYAFF 2013

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

ACF 690: "Nikita" has its problems

Well, I watched the second episode of CW's "Nikita" last week. Have to say I'm already having doubts. One is demonstrated by the above image of Maggie Q, which is from the first episode. This series needs more skin revealed every episode. Maggie Q looks fine in a tank top and tight pants, but there's just no substitute for lots of flesh. And it doesn't have to be hers all the time: give me some flesh of the fine-looking supporting actresses occasionally as well, and I'll be satisfied. After all, this is the CW network we're talking about.

The second problem for me is the "action sequences." The ones in the second show really didn't make it for me. Even in the first episode, the hand-to-hand fight scenes were shot too close in and edited in such a way that you couldn't really see what's going on. This is the same problem that I had with Christopher Nolan's re-boot Batman Begins (2005).

Maybe I'm just too "Hong Kong" old-school, but I like to see contact, or what looks like actual contact, at least once in awhile. Also, shoot more often with the camera far enough away to show the full action, not just the upper bodies with arms flailing. I know this is a bit more demanding, time-consuming and expensive, but it's worth doing, at least more often than has been the case so far.

Of lesser concern, is Shane West's characterization of Michael, Nikita's former handler. I'm just not buying his conflicted attitude about the secret government agency he works for and which Nikita has escaped from and vowed to bring down. Some better, more convincing writing is required here, and maybe Shane also needs to quickly polish what acting skills he has.

So, for me the series needs more female flesh revealed and better choreographed fight/action scenes. I'll be back for tomorrow night's episode, but if "Nikita" doesn't start delivering more soon, I'm probably going to bail on it.

In fairness, I must admit that, after the second episode had been broadcast, I overheard a middle-aged black woman at work talk about how much she liked the series. Another co-worker - a black guy probably a bit younger than her - said perhaps she liked it because it was about a woman kicking guys' asses. Maybe he's right, but whatever the reason, some people obviously are enjoying the show. I'd like to be one of them, but I'm not there yet and not sure if I ever will be.

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