With Dada Chen at NYAFF 2013

With Dada Chen at NYAFF 2013
With Dada Chen at NYAFF 2013

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

ACF 1089: Updated links to cooperative coverage of the New York Asian Film Festival and Japan Cuts

Directed by Su Chao-pin, who will be at the screening
92 minutes, in Mandarin with English subtitles
Screening Thursday, July 7 @ 3:30 PM at the Walter Reade Theater
Info & tickets here
(photo credit TaiPei Film Archive)

The cooperative coverage by four websites of the 10th Annual New York Asian Film Festival, co-presented by Subway Cinema and the Film Society of Lincoln Center, and of Japan Cuts: The New York Festival Of Contemporary Japanese Cinema, presented by Japan Society, has produced a slew of reviews.

The four cooperating websites (in no particular order) are:
- VCinema
- AsianCineFest
- The Bourne Cinema Conspiracy
- cineAWESOME!

I’ve also included the following sites:

- New Korea Cinema website, which has had a relationship with VCinema for some time.

- Meniscus, which although not part of our cooperative effort, is where Chris Bourne has also posted some reviews

Within each site listed below, the reviews are listed most recent first, earliest last. There's some cross-posting, particularly by Chris Bourne and myself, first at VCinema, then on our own blogs. In certain of these cross-posts, you'll find that the second postings differ somewhat from the originals at VCinema.

I intend to keep updating this list of links every Wednesday through the week after the festivals end. So be sure to check back.


Haunters – Pierce Conran

Ringing in Their Ears – Christopher Bourne

Won’t Somebody Think of the Children!!” (family friendly films at NYAFF & Japan Cuts) – Rex Baylon

Reign of Assassins – John Berra

The Seaside Motel – John Berra

A Night In Nude – Dr. Stan Glick

The Unjust – John Berra
The City of Violence – Dr. Stan Glick
Horny House of Horror – Christopher Bourne
Milocrorze: A Love Story – Dr. Stan Glick
BKO: Bangkok Knockout – Christopher Bourne

AsianCineFest – Dr. Stan Glick

NYAFF Wu Xia Trailer & Remaining Screening Schedule

The “7 Courtesans of Tenzakuro” in Milocrorze: A Love Story
Milocrorze: A Love Story

The Bourne Cinema Conspiracy – Christopher Bourne
The Recipe

Horny House of Horror

BKO: Bangkok Knockout

Ninja Kids – Rufus De Rham

Milocrorze: A Love Story – James McCormick

Toilet – Deangelo Willimas, Jr.
Troubleshooter – Deangelo Willimas, Jr.
A Night in Nude: Salvation – Deangelo Willimas, Jr.
Buddha Mountain – James McCormick

New Korean Cinema

The Recipe - Christopher Bourne

Meniscus - Christopher Bourne is also posting reviews here

The Blade

Buddha Mountain

Milocrorze: A Love Story


  1. cineAWESOME! also has 2 podcasts dedicated to the festival (one each) on the site as well as an interview with Grady Hendrix and upcoming interviews with Tsui Hark, Na Hong-jin, and Ryu Seung-wan.

    VCinema also has talk of the festivals on their podcast too! (Starring the one and only Dr. Stan Glick!)

  2. Rufus - Thanks for the reminder. The omission of the podcasts was purely an oversight on my part. I've added them to my update document and will include them in next week's update, along with any others that appear in the interim.


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