With Dada Chen at NYAFF 2013

With Dada Chen at NYAFF 2013
With Dada Chen at NYAFF 2013

Monday, September 22, 2014


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New Interactive THIS WAY OR THAT Book Lets Readers
Decide How The Galaxy-Travelling Heroes And Catbug
Will Save A Planet From Total Destruction

VIZ Media expands its roster of original titles based on the popular action/adventure brand BRAVEST WARRIORS with the release of BRAVEST WARRIORS: THIS WAY OR THAT - THE GREAT CORE CAPER on October 7th.

Set to be published under the company’s Perfect Square imprint, the latest BRAVEST WARRIORS title was written by Chris “Doc” Wyatt with illustrations by Corin Howell. The chapter book-style release presents multiple story options that give readers a variety of possible narrative options to decide the course of the plot. BRAVEST WARRIORS: THIS WAY OR THAT - THE GREAT CORE CAPER is rated ‘A’ for All Ages and will carry an MSRP of $7.99 U.S. / $9.99 CAN.

In THE GREAT CORE CAPER, the planet Goober-Delta-9 will lose orbit if its stolen planetary core is not returned. Where is that core? In the most secure vault in the Galaxy – beneath SID BEEMER-BOOF’S FUN PLANET, the biggest amusement park in the known universe. The Bravest Warriors must recruit a daring team, including Plum, Catbug, President Memory Donk, Professor Brain Dog 7 and the Emotion Lord, to help them on their mission. Each team member must play their part in order to pull off the most outrageous heist of all time! And on EVERY page, the reader is in complete control of what happens next!

“The galaxy-hopping band of Bravest Warriors take off in a great new way for their first ever THIS WAY OR THAT adventure that lets the reader decide exactly how the story unfolds,” says Beth Kawasaki, Senior Editorial Director. “Everyone who worked on THE GREAT CORE CAPER is a BRAVEST WARRIORS fan, and editor Joel Enos and the creative team were thrilled to pay homage to the classic adventure books from when they were kids! Chris Wyatt’s hilarious and eccentric story paired with Corin Howell’s endearing illustrations captures the BRAVEST WARRIORS spirit, and gets better and better with repeated readings. Become part of the action and help decide just how the teenage heroes will save a planet in peril!”

BRAVEST WARRIORS writer Chris "Doc" Wyatt is a TV animation writer whose work can be seen on current and upcoming episodes of Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man, Marvel's Avengers Assemble (both on Disney XD), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (on Nickelodeon), Transformers: Rescue Bots (on the Hub), and The Octonauts (on Disney Jr.).

Artist Corin Howell is an alumnus of the Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in Sequential art. She’s recently worked on Ben 10 Omniverse (Halloween Special) and the upcoming HELLO KILLY: HELLO 40 for Perfect Square. She also contributed to the new BRAVEST WARRIORS: THE SEARCH FOR CATBUG book and had her artwork featured in 2014’s Perfect Square Free Comic Book Day comic.

Bravest Warriors is a hit animated series widely seen on YouTube’s Cartoon Hangover and was created by Pendleton Ward, the visionary creator of the Emmy Award-winning Cartoon Network show Adventure Time. In Bravest Warriors, four teenage travelers traverse the universe saving those in need...though not always in the way you’d expect...in fact...never! Along the way they meet aliens, phantoms and other inter-dimensional beings – including everyone’s favorite, Catbug. Sometimes...they even meet themselves! The web series won a Shorty Award in 2013 for Best Web Show and has spawned a wide array of collectibles and other products.

VIZ Media’s Perfect Square imprint focuses on delivering original comics, manga (graphic novels) and other children’s books with an emphasis on strong storytelling, eye-popping graphics, empowering themes, and a dash of irreverence, that captures the imagination of a whole new generation. Additional information on titles published by Perfect Square is available at www.PerfectSquare.com.

For more information on other manga titles from VIZ Media, visit www.VIZ.com.

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