With Dada Chen at NYAFF 2013

With Dada Chen at NYAFF 2013
With Dada Chen at NYAFF 2013

Saturday, July 19, 2014

FRIEND 2: THE LEGACY coming to DVD on September 16th

CJ Entertainment America
 Friend 2: The Legacy / Chingu 2
Directed by KWAK Kyung-taek
South Korea, 2013, 121 minutes

FRIEND 2: THE LEGACY, the long-awaited sequel to the Korean cult phenomenon, will debut on DVD Sept. 16 from CJ Entertainment. The cast includes YOO Oh-seong (Happy Killers), JOO Jin-mo (The Warrior) and Korea’s hottest young TV star KIM Woo-bin (Heirs, School 2013).

Director KWAK Kyung-taek (Friend, Typhoon) sets his tale of “power corrupting all” 17 years after the events of the first movie with LEE Joon-seok (YOO) preparing to complete his prison sentence for ordering the hit on his best friend turned rival gang boss. Joon-seok still has the affection of the crime boss and is the rightful heir, but must face the reality that the intervening period has significantly eroded his mentor’s health and power as well as his own standing.

To regain power he starts to round up his old lieutenants, but also turns to his protégé Seong-hoon (KIM), who considers Joon-seok a father-figure for his protection while in prison. Merging gangster wisdom with fresh blood, the two are on track to take over leadership of Busan’s most powerful crime organization – if their bond can survive the knowledge that Joon-seok had a role in the death of Seong-hoon’s father.

Exploring the relationships of fathers and sons, FRIEND 2: THE LEGACY delivers an enlightening sequel to a film that was declared an immediate classic and hard-boiled coda to an iconic gangster film that changed the meaning of the word “Friend” in Korea. This cultural phenomenon which was named the “Friend Syndrome,” elicited commentators of all stripes examining the sociological influence of the film and its musings on friendship, men, the gangster code, Korea’s post-war history, fashion and whatever else the film even touched upon.

Synopsis: The explosive sequel to the Asian action hit of 2001, FRIEND 2: THE LEGACY picks up 17 years later as Joon-seok is discharged from prison to find his gang has been taken over by a treacherous new leader. As he plots to regain power, he is confronted with younger, more ruthless gangsters in what has become the region’s most powerful crime organization, as well as a rival gang whose blood-drenched violence knows no bounds. This stylish, noir thriller is a classic addition to the annals of gangster filmdom.

Bonus Features Include:
- “The Making of Friend 2: The Legacy”
- Cast & Crew Interviews
- Characters
- Trailers

Look for a review of the FRIEND 2: THE LEGACY DVD here at AsianCineFest on or just before the September 16th release date.