PANG Ho-Cheung

PANG Ho-Cheung
With Hong Kong director PANG Ho-cheung after interviewing him in 2012

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

ACF 298: The Tale of Chun Hyang

Thursday, May 14, 6:30 PM
The Tale of Chun Hyang (1980)
Directed by Yu Won–jun, Yun Ryong-gyu
Starring Choe Sun–gyu, Kim son-yong, Ko Jong-hwan and Kim Yong–suk
148 minutes

The Korea Society's second installment in its Films from the North series continues Thursday evening with this screening of The Tale of Chun Hyang. It's a socialist retelling of Chunhyangj┼Ćn, a Korean folktale about the romance and intrigue that blossom between a kisaeng's daughter and a magistrate's son. While retaining the story's original Confucian ethic, The Tale of Chun Hyang transforms the story's heroine from a cultured court entertainer to a tough, working–class woman.

Further info and tickets online here.

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