With Dada Chen at NYAFF 2013

With Dada Chen at NYAFF 2013
With Dada Chen at NYAFF 2013

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Free digital excerpt of TOKYO GHOUL is available for a limited time

TOKYO GHOUL © 2011 by Sui Ishida/SHUEISHA Inc.

Monsters And Teen Angst Collide In Sui Ishida’s Bestselling Series
Available Now In Print And Digitally; Sample A Special Extended
Online Digital Excerpt Available For A Limited Time!!

VIZ Media gives fans and readers the creeps – for free – as it offers a special TOKYO GHOUL digital manga (graphic novel) sampler!

For a limited time, readers can visit http://www.vizmanga.com/reader/3440-tokyo-ghoul-1 to read an extended excerpt from Sui Ishida’s acclaimed horror series about the dark world of the flesh-eating Ghouls that live in secret all around us.

VIZ Media publishes TOKYO GHOUL (rated ‘T+’ for Older Teens) in print and also offers the series digitally first on VIZManga.com and the VIZ Manga App and worldwide via the Nook, Kobo, Kindle, iBooks, comiXology, and GooglePlay stores. TOKYO GHOUL Volume 1 is available now; Volume 2 is available now digitally and debuts in print on August 18th; TOKYO GHOUL Volume 3 is available now from digital partners. Check select partner sites for specific availability.

Ghouls live among us, the same as normal people in every way – except their craving for human flesh. Ken Kaneki is an ordinary college student until a violent encounter turns him into the first half-human half-ghoul hybrid. Trapped between two worlds, he must survive Ghoul turf wars, learn more about Ghoul society and master his new powers.

In the forthcoming TOKYO GHOUL Vol. 2, unable to discard his humanity but equally unable to suppress his Ghoul hunger, Ken finds salvation in the kindness of friendly Ghouls who teach him how to pass as human and eat flesh humanely. But recent upheavals in Ghoul society attract the police like wolves to prey, and they don’t discriminate between conscientious and ravenous Ghouls.

Manga creator Sui Ishida was born in Fukuoka, Japan. TOKYO GHOUL won him the Young Jump 113th Grand Prix award in 2010 and was debuted as a series in Japan in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in 2011. The popular manga also was adapted into a widely watched anime series in 2014.

To view a trailer for TOKYO GHOUL, visit http://youtu.be/UoDZTDM5kqE. For additional information on the series and other manga and anime titles published by VIZ Media, visit www.VIZ.com.

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