With Dada Chen at NYAFF 2013

With Dada Chen at NYAFF 2013
With Dada Chen at NYAFF 2013

Thursday, April 09, 2015

Sailor Moon Moonlight Party III


Join VIZ Media For A Virtual Live Stream Event Marking The Neon
Alley English Dub Premiere Of SAILOR MOON R With Added Live
Commentary, Real Time Q&A And Trivia Contests!

VIZ Media invites SAILOR MOON fans to join the company as it hosts a special free virtual party and unique live stream event to mark the English dub premiere of SAILOR MOON R (Season 2) on Neon Alley/Hulu. Featuring the acclaimed new English dub cast, the exciting second season of the legendary anime series begins streaming on Neon Alley and Hulu for a limited time starting on the evening of April 10th. Catch the latest interstellar adventures of Episodes 47-60.

To celebrate, a special SAILOR MOON Moonlight Party III will take place this Friday, April 10th, starting at 6:00pm PDT on VIZ Media’s YouTube channel at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zjEH2BzgfU. Fans are encouraged to participate in the event, which will present SAILOR MOON R Episodes 47 and 48 (where main character Usagi, voiced by Stephanie Sheh, is reawakened to her mission), along with Episode 54 (where Rei, voiced by Cristina Vee, makes her singing debut), and Episode 60 (the first episode featuring Chiba Usa, voiced in English by Sandy Fox).

As the episodes stream via Neon Alley/Hulu, viewers can take part in a real-time Q&A with VIZ Media staff that will run throughout the evening. Fans are invited to submit questions throughout the event via YouTube, in the comments sections of the actual live stream (as available), or on the official VIZ Media Facebook page, and via Twitter using the special hashtag, #MoonlightParty.

SAILOR MOON Moonlight Party III participants and viewers also can interact with members of the VIZ Media team, which will be present during the live stream to answer questions and offer lively commentary and little known information about the series and these new episodes. A SAILOR MOON trivia contest also will take place and fans and aspiring Sailor Guardians are invited to submit their answers via Facebook and Twitter to win special prizes. SAILOR MOON fans nationwide are also encouraged host their own Moonlight Parties and share pictures using the hashtag #MoonlightParty on favorite social media platforms.

“The SAILOR MOON Moonlight Parties have been an extremely fun and interactive way for fans to join us and celebrate the premiere of new English dub episodes and revel in our shared love for this iconic series,” says Charlene Ingram, Senior Marketing Manager of Animation. “During our latest virtual soirée, we will release the premiere dates and times for the remaining SAILOR MOON R English episodes as well as some other exciting surprises and news! Don’t miss all the excitement!!”

In SAILOR MOON R , Usagi and her friends return to their normal lives after their epic battle, but the Sailor Guardians are called back into action when powerful new enemies appear. By the power of the Legendary Silver Crystal, Sailor Moon gains strength with a dazzling new attach and transformation. The coming battle won't be easy, but things get even more complicated when a mysterious pink-haired girl falls form the sky and goes after Mamoru.

The smash hit SAILOR MOON anime series is inspired by the bestselling manga (graphic novel) series created by Naoko Takeuchi (published in North America by Kodansha). In the series, Usagi Tsukino is a clumsy but kindhearted teenage girl who transforms into the powerful guardian of love and justice, Sailor Moon. Meeting allies along the way who share similar fates, Usagi and her team of planetary Sailor Guardians fight to protect the universe from forces of evil and total annihilation.

The entire SAILOR MOON Season 1 is now available from VIZ Media on home video as Limited Edition Blu-ray/DVD Combo Packs and Standard Edition DVD sets. Fans can also catch the brand new SAILOR MOON reboot – SAILOR MOON CRYSTAL – with new episodes (subtitled) available to stream on the first and third Saturdays each month on Hulu and Neon Alley.

For more information on SAILOR MOON, or other award-winning anime titles from VIZ Media, visit www.VIZ.com.

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